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Tanks For Playing – S2 – E2: The J Stands for Japanese

Tanks For Playing

This episode has a lot to unpack! We talk about the awesome #PlayNYC, Let It Die on the PS4 and we begin our talk about music in games, starting with some of our favorite JRPG soundtracks. We also get into

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II Unrated Director’s Cut DVD Review

Oh, Rob Zombie. I have followed you blindly through the days of White Zombie, on through your solo work, looked forward to your first film, loved your second, and kind of dug the third. When it came to the music,

The Most Awkward Song Lyrics I Can Remember

The Most Awkward Song Lyrics I Can Remember

There are more songs out there than there are people. More than just simple poetry put to music, a good song can stir up deep feelings, happiness, crying, and the whole gamut of human emotion. Others might make you angry,