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Women In Trouble Review

If you were to mix the daily life mishaps of two porn stars, a prostitute, two sisters who share a daughter, their shrink with an adulterous husband, and a stewardess, you would probably find it impossible not to laugh. That

Red Cliff Review

“You don’t know what you’re missing.” As cliché phrases go, this one is definitely overused without merit. After watching the combined “Western” version of Red Cliff I can definitely say that I don’t know what I’m missing. Combining two films that total

Night Of The Creeps DVD Review

Night Of The Creeps

Hide your cats and dogs and shield your girlfriend’s mouth (sorry). The creeps are here! Fred Dekker’s directorial debut hit the theaters back in 1986 to a lukewarm reception, but it has grown a reputation and following in its out-of-print afterlife. Rights

Blood: The Last Vampire DVD Review

I confess. As much as I have been a fanboy of all forms of geek-fringe entertainment that this world has to offer, I would always rather watch Transformers or The Tick over just about any Anime. While Vampire  Hunter D, Prokect A-Ko and

Black Dynamite Review

Blaxploitation is a genre of film that is regularly paid homage to, but is rarely duplicated in this day and age. While Tarantino’s grindhouse style exploits eschew some of the genre’s high and low points, none of them are flat

Where The Wild Things Are Review

There is much to be said about the abrupt changes and inconsistencies within a child’s mind. In fact, one could say that no playground is as dynamic and fertile as that of a young imagination. While it may be hard

The House Of The Devil Review

Nostalgia is a strange and cruel beast. The fondest recollections one may have about their youth, or any particular portion of the past, are clouded in the fog and cobwebs of old memories. Some details are hidden, distorted, or even

The Warriors: Street Brawl Review – Xbox 360

Writing this review made me realize how much a hypocrite we all can be. I say this because I can’t imagine how many times I’ve thought or said something to the effect of “I miss games like Final Fight and

The Invention Of Lying Review

Something strange is going on out there with movie advertising. I’m not sure what it is, but it is a potentially bad idea. The internet trend of re-editing trailers to make them seem like a different genre of film may

Zombieland Review

Zombies are about damn near everywhere. Sure, vampires have seemingly taken over as the go-to trendy monster, but the re-emergence that zombies have been experiencing in pop culture for the last few years is larger, more widespread and hitting a

Zombie Apocalypse Review – For Xbox 360 Or PS3

Z-Day is definitely coming soon. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t have all this training material released in succession. Last week Konami’s Zombie Apocalypse was unleashed upon the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network inhabitants. This week Zombieland  will be taking a

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD Review

DC Comics and Warner Bros. are officially on a roll. While they have had problems with all of their live action films, with the exception of the rebooted Batman franchise, today’s release of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is yet another feather in their

The Unborn – Bad Movie Night Review

First off, what is a “Bad Movie Night Review?” Well, the idea of watching a crappy movie on purpose is nothing new. Mystery Science Theater 3000 made hours of TV based on the notion, but the average everyday person just

Barbie Is Getting A Movie, So Why Not These Toys And Board Games?


Universal Pictures are revving up to start their family-friendly Barbie movie franchise. There have already been half a trillion straight-to-DVD releases, such as Barbie Finds Out She Has No Genitals and Barbie And Post-Op Ken Get A Makeover. Even then, in