About Us

PopSchmear.com is not your average, every day gaming/geek culture website. Boasting some of the most in-tune editorial, up to the decade reporting and most-trusted hyperbole in geek entertainment circles, you can expect the unexpected at every turn. Sure, that may all be an exaggeration, but isn’t everything else that’s great?

Never before have video games, comic books and movie news come at you with such irreverence, honesty and absurdity, but we hit all of those marks in tandem and in stride. Our pop culture knowledge is vast, varied and ready for your absolute worst. There are no fake geeks here of any sort. You will not have to test us. You will never doubt us. Your insecurity is safe here.

From Rene Rosa and the same editorial team that brings you The Hoof and Trunk Post comes the absolute truth in gaming, comics and otaku culture. Besides, our Tanks For Playing podcast is seriously awesome. We dare you to find a better place to hide your fat, nerd face. We goddamn dare you.