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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD Review

DC Comics and Warner Bros. are officially on a roll. While they have had problems with all of their live action films, with the exception of the rebooted Batman franchise, today’s release of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is yet another feather in their

The Unborn – Bad Movie Night Review

First off, what is a “Bad Movie Night Review?” Well, the idea of watching a crappy movie on purpose is nothing new. Mystery Science Theater 3000 made hours of TV based on the notion, but the average everyday person just

Barbie Is Getting A Movie, So Why Not These Toys And Board Games?


Universal Pictures are revving up to start their family-friendly Barbie movie franchise. There have already been half a trillion straight-to-DVD releases, such as Barbie Finds Out She Has No Genitals and Barbie And Post-Op Ken Get A Makeover. Even then, in